In this class you will increase coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, and self confidence. This is achieved by learning the fundamentals of gymnastics then building on each skill to advance in individual levels of ability. Each level works on an appropriate progression of skills. The majority of class is executed on mats with the assistance of minor training equipment.


Students will learn the fundamentals of tap, and the importance of rhythm. Flaps, shuffles, turns, time steps, and intricate rhythms are taught. As the student progresses, more advanced steps are introduced.

Pre School

This class is an introduction to the art of dance. Students will learn songs, coordination exercises and develop their self confidence. Fundamentals of ballet, tap and jazz are introduced, and mat work such as forward rolls, cartwheels, and backbends are taught.


Modern dance is not recommended to dancers with no dance experience. Movements such as contractions, tilts, and flat backs will be introduced. Improvisational skills will also be discussed and focused on, so the dancer understands space and connection of one movement to the next.


Lyrical dance is a combination of ballet and jazz fundamentals. Ballet steps such as arabesque turns, renverses, and pirouettes are taught, and isolations, pitches and large jumps from jazz dance are also studied. This is a very expressive form of dance, expressing yourself by interpreting the words or the feeling of the music.


This class will teach the correct technique of jazz dance. A warm-up consisting of isolations, stretching, and strengthening begins the class. The student then moves across the floor with runs, leaps, and turns. The class finishes with a fast paced combination.

Hip Hop

This class begins with a fast moving warm-up using isolations, stretching and funky movement. Students then move down the floor working on their rhythm while isolating their bodies using funky footwork. This is a fun, energized class and a great workout.


Children will have fun learning basic ballet, tap, jazz and tumbling. This class creates a fun atmosphere enabling students to grow as dancers and try different forms of dance to see where their interest lies.


This class will teach fundamentals of classical ballet technique. Students will learn correct positioning of the feet, arms, head and body and understand the importance of flexibility, strength, musicality and performance. As a child progresses in ballet, and when their ankles are strong enough, pointe class is introduced.

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